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Hancock County Sheriff’s Department pulled Bryan Kohberger over and officer who pulled him over ask questions about a “mass shooting”

Bryan Kohberger’s other traffic stop. Hancock County Sheriff’s Department stopped him before Indiana State Police. This video discusses mass shootings.

The other traffic stop of Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger just released. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department pulled him over before Indiana State Police did. In this video you can hear discussion of a mass shooting.

The cop who stopped Bryan Kohberger over for the first time in Indiana may be seen on video doing so, and he appears to have a lot of questions for him regarding a “mass shooting.”

When they were pulled over by a patrol officer from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department for following another car at an unsafe distance, Kohberger’s father was sitting in the passenger seat. Kohberger himself was driving the vehicle.

The officer immediately starts asking inquiries on their intended destination. Kohberger’s father notes that they were coming from Washington State University at one point in the conversation. It appears as though Bryan is trying to cut him off and talk over him since he does not want to discuss this topic. You are aware that the University was only 9 miles away from the location where four people were killed in Idaho.

The father then discusses what he refers to as a “mass shooting” that occurred earlier in the day at Washington State University. After asking a few questions about it, the officer appears to be interested in the matter, and the topic of discussion then shifts to the direction in which Kohberger and his father were going.

The officer failed to make the connection between the fact that police in Moscow, Idaho issued a warning that they were searching for a white Hyundai Elantra and the fact that the Kohbergers were driving a vehicle of the same make and model.

Shortly after that, they were subject to a second traffic stop, this time at the hands of an officer from a different law enforcement agency, who also failed to make the connection between the two incidents.

In both cases, the law enforcement officials let Kohberger go with a warning only. Two weeks after the deaths of the four students, he was taken into custody in Pennsylvania for the crime.

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