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House where four Idaho University students were murdered set to be demolished

A date for the demolishing has not yet been issued.



The tri-level house on King Road, which was the site of a gruesome murder of four Idaho University students in November, is slated for demolition while the accused killer, Bryan Kohberger, awaits his trial date.

The University of Idaho will carry out the demolition after the owner of the off-campus property handed it over to the university.

“We accepted the offer from the owner of the King Street house to give the property to the university,” said University President Scott Green in a statement.

The decision to demolish the house is seen as a necessary step towards healing and closure, as it removes the physical structure where the tragic crime took place and which deeply impacted the community.

According to reports, University President Scott Green has stated that they are considering involving students in the future development of the property, although no date for demolition has been announced yet.

The University of Idaho also plans to build a memorial on campus to honor Xana, Ethan, Madison, and Kaylee, the four students who tragically lost their lives in the house.

The memorial is expected to feature a garden, although a committee is currently working on finalizing the design and the exact location of the memorial has not yet been determined.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.

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