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Huge fire erupts in Feltham as ‘loud explosion’ is heard near Heathrow airport

‘Loud explosion’ heard in Feltham West London near Heathrow airport as fire sends huge plume of smoke into the sky close to landing jets



A LOUD explosion was heard near Heathrow airport today as a huge fire erupted in the area.

Just before 5 o’clock in the afternoon, jets made landings close to the fire in Feltham, West London, sending thick plumes of smoke rising through the air.

The London Fire Brigade dispatched seventy firemen to the scene when flames engulfed trees, plants, and decking in front of a number of residences.

The author Robert Harris stated that he witnessed the fire from a jet as he landed at Heathrow.

“The source of the fire is currently unknown.”

The Metropolitan Police Department has warned citizens to “avoid the area.”

More to follow…

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