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Huge 4th Alarm fire at Seaport Marine in Mystic, Connecticut on Washington Street

CFPA Connecticut member Rob Ladd (NlcFire) is on scene of the 4th Alarm at Seaport Marine in Mystic, Connecticut.



CFPA Connecticut member Rob Ladd (NlcFire) is on scene of the 4th Alarm at Seaport Marine in Mystic, Connecticut.

The huge blaze that broke out at Seaport Marine on Washington Street just before 9 o’clock Sunday evening is currently being fought by firefighters from numerous different departments in the surrounding neighborhood.

At 9:50 p.m., there were big flames and a lot of smoke coming from inside the building. At 10:10 p.m., the fire was just south of the end of Cottrell Street, where several large boat sheds and an office are located. It looked like it was getting bigger. The fire was making a lot of explosions, which could be heard.

Water was being poured on the fire from ladder trucks. At 10:45 p.m., smoke and flames had died down, and it looked like firefighters were getting a handle on the fire.

The fire was also put out by firefighters from Norwich, who said that several buildings were on fire and a few had collapsed. Norwich Firefighters Local 892 put a video of a huge fireball at the south end of Cottrell Street on Facebook.


Late on Sunday night, the Deputy Chief of Police for the Stonington Police Department, Todd Olson, stated that he was unaware of any injuries being caused by the fire. According to him, the police have shut down Route 1 and several other routes in the neighborhood, and they have gotten people out of homes and businesses that are nearby. In addition, there is no power in the area.

In addition to its convenient location alongside the Mystic River, the 122-slip marina that houses Red 36 is a popular dining destination. It appeared as though there was no fire in the restaurant late on Sunday night.

Marianne Jasmin, who stated that her boat is moored near the marina, reported that upon learning about the fire, she made her way down to Mystic River Park. She mentioned that the flames were so high that embers were hitting individuals who were in the park. After then, they were required to leave the park.

The Holstein family is the owner of the marina. They recently parted ways with their other marina, the 155-slip Noank Shipyard, which they sold to Epum Holdings.

Harry Boardsen, general manager of Seaport Marine, announced that after the sale, he and his family will continue to own and run both Bridgeport Boatworks and Seaport Marine.


Multiple buildings are fully involved and a few have collapsed.

We will provide any new information that we have in connection with this occurrence.


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