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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi offers resignation

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi Says He Will Resign



Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi Says He Will Resign

Mr. Draghi made his declaration late on Thursday night after a meeting of his cabinet. The announcement came amid disagreements between the parties that make up his coalition regarding whether or not to provide armaments to Ukraine.

According to a statement released by the government, the prime minister later addressed members of his cabinet, “I want to declare to you that tonight I will offer my resignation in the hands of the president of the Republic,” after making the decision to quit.

Draghi went on to express his regret that “the contract of trust” between allies had been shattered, saying that the Senate vote’s result meant that the “national unity coalition that has sustained this administration since its establishment no longer exists.”

If President Sergio Mattarella cannot persuade Draghi to change his mind, there may be sudden elections in late September or early October, about six months before they are scheduled.

In such case, Mattarella would reject Draghi’s resignation and instruct him to speak with political leaders to see whether a solution to the crisis is possible, which would result in a fresh legislative mandate through a vote of confidence the following week.

The current session of Parliament ends in the spring of 2023. Mattarella is anticipated to dissolve the legislature and call an early election, which may happen as early as late September, if he is unable to come up with a compromise that will allow Draghi’s administration to continue.

The former head of the European Central Bank, dubbed “Super Mario” for his “whatever it takes” rescue of the euro, was chosen by Mattarella to save Italy from the coronavirus pandemic and establish the framework for utilizing the massive amount of European Union pandemic recovery funding.

The 5-Star Movement had become a member of Draghi’s expansive coalition of national unity, which also included parties from the political left and right.

However, the 5-Stars, who have seen a considerable drop in support over the course of the past few years, have been claiming that their interests have been overlooked. The 5-Star Movement opposed a provision that would have allowed Rome to operate a waste incinerator on the outskirts of the chronically trash-choked Italian capital. This item was included in the package that was voted on on Thursday.

This was just a small part of a bill that cuts taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel and helps hard-pressed Italians with their utility bills, but 5-Star leader Giuseppe Conte used it as a reason to say that his lawmakers would not vote.


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