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Jailene Holton shot dead at Philly Bar and Restaurant by ejected customer

Innocent bystander Jailene Holton killed after disgruntled man fires at least 15 shots into Northeast Philadelphia bar: Police



Innocent bystander Jailene Holton killed after disgruntled man fires at least 15 shots into Northeast Philadelphia bar: Police

An angry guy who was kicked out of the club fatally shot a young woman who was serving as a designated driver for her pals, according to police and her relatives on Wednesday.

The victim, identified as 21-year-old Jailene Holton, was reportedly with pals when they went to the Philly Bar and Restaurant in Northeast Philadelphia late on Tuesday night when she was shot in the head.

After several hours, Holton was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. A suspect who has only been described as a black male is being sought, but there have been no arrests made as of Wednesday afternoon, according to a representative for the police department who talked to FOX3.

According to Holton’s uncle, who spoke to FOX3, she had only been at the bar for a short while before the shooting began. Holton was serving as the driver for her group of friends.

James Holton told the station, “She rarely ventured out.” They were only scheduled to be there for 15 to 20 minutes before the altercation broke out and this individual began firing.


Prior to the incident, a group of three males disrupted a game of pool at the restaurant.

According to the police, one of the males was kicked out of the bar and then proceeded around 200 feet away to a truck where he fired at least 15 rounds at the establishment. Five of the shots went through the bar’s front glass, including the one that hit Holton.

According to Chief Inspector Scott Small’s statement to FOX3, “She was not a part of the incident.” She was merely a customer, and she was accompanied by her companions.

According to Small, Holton was actually in the rear of the pub at the time when she was shot. According to the authorities, there was another individual inside who had a cut to his face as a result of the smashed glass.

Meanwhile, Holton’s bereaved father is finding it difficult to comprehend the awful murder.


According to Jason Holton, “She was simply a good kid.” She was attempting to find herself in life and get her life in order. It’s really awful.

As of Wednesday noon, a web fundraiser established to help with Jailene’s burial expenses had raised more than $8,000.

According to the website, Jailene was a young, intelligent, and beautiful young woman who had a whole life ahead of her. Her 21st birthday was just a few days ago. Jailene’s father, sister, and the rest of the family are now left to mourn her abrupt, sad death. Really isn’t a parent completely ready to lose their child.


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