Jason Momoa Involved in Head-On Crash with Motorcycle

Jason Momoa in ‘head-on crash with motorcycle while driving in Los Angeles’

Jason Momoa made contact with a motorcycle rider who turned a sharp corner near Calabasas in a head-on collision that luckily didn’t result in serious injury.

Police informed FOX3 Momoa was traveling down Old Topanga Canyon Road when a motorcyclist traveling in the opposite way cut over his lane and struck him.

The rider, who momentarily flew off the bike and smashed through Momoa’s windshield before landing on the opposite side of the road, is unharmed.

They finally managed to stand up.

They went to the hospital because their leg was bruised and their thumb was hurt.

Momoa is fine, too.

The accident was reported to the police, but nothing came of it.

FOX3 Now Staff

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