Jordan McSweeney charged over murder of Zara Aleena killed in Ilford

A MAN Jordan McSweeney has been charged with the murder of an aspiring lawyer Zara Aleena who was allegedly ambushed by a stranger.

Today, Jordan McSweeney, age 29, will make his initial court appearance on charges of murder, attempted rape, and robbery in connection with the death of Zara Aleena, age 35.

During the horrifying incident that took place in Ilford, East London in the early hours of Sunday morning, it is believed that the law graduate, who is 35 years old, was punched to the ground.

In a memorial, her relatives stated that she was the “heart and soul” of their neighborhood, and they added, “She was a joy for all of us.”

They remarked that she was genuine and that she would not put in any effort to impress others, but that she did impress them. She was the pillar upon which our family was built.

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“Despite everything that was going on, Zara maintained her composure and never once grumbled. She was the thread that held our community together.

“Zara was joyful, and she had reached a stage in her life when her happiness was growing and radiating. The time had come for her to start a family of her own.

“Her commitment to equity and rightness inspired her to live a life of service to others and concern for their well-being. A spirit that is unconcerned about anything but has the kindest heart.”

In addition, they urged society to avoid and end violence against women and girls, adding, “Our loss is irreparable and the emptiness feels insurmountable, but the warmth and generosity that our community has shown is a witness to the strength of Zara’s spirit.”

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“Her existence has been robbed from us. She has been taken from all of us.”

When neighbors on Cranbrook Road heard cries coming from the street, they dialed 9-1-1. Despite the efforts of paramedics and police, Zara was unable to be saved.

CCTV footage taken at 2:48 a.m. on that same night – almost half an hour after Zara was fatally injured – shows a man rushing by a store.

After that, he takes off running.

At 2.05 a.m., the same individual was also spotted. After waiting five minutes, Zara passed by.

Separate video shows her conversing with the man before hurriedly leaving. The male appears to follow her at a distance of about 10 feet after lighting a cigarette.

The man in the video is dressed in white athletic shoes and a standout two-tone blazer.

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Zara, a graduate of the University of Westminster, was murdered at 2:20 a.m., less than 10 minutes after confronting the man in the video.

CCTV footage shows that a marked police car drove past her as she was walking along with the man who was following after her four minutes before her death.

On Monday, a guy, 29, was detained on suspicion of killing her.

It has been said that the terrible deaths of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa are comparable to Zara’s.

Lisa Hodgson, who was a close friend, shared their final messages to each other.

They were supposed to meet this weekend, but they changed their plans. Zara sent a message on Friday: “Miss your beautiful face this weekend xx can’t wait to see you next weekend xxx.”

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