Kaitlin Armstrong had dyed her hair, trying to set up a life in Costa Rica

‘She thought it was her safe haven’: Fugitive yoga teacher was trying to set up a life in Costa Rica when she was arrested: Kaitlin Armstrong had dyed her hair, was taking yoga surfing classes and was living in a hostel to stretch out her savings

When she was caught for the murder of her love rival in Costa Rica, fugitive yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong was in the process of attempting to establish a life for herself there. She was attending yoga lessons and sleeping in a hostel in an effort to stretch out her financial resources.

After 43 days on the run, Armstrong, 34, was apprehended in Costa Rica on June 30.

She is accused of killing Morah Mo Wilson, who, according to the police, was having an affair with Armstrong’s lover Colin Strickland. The murder victim was identified as Morah Mo Wilson. On May 11, Wilson’s body was discovered inside an apartment in the city of Austin, Texas.

The United States Marshals Service was unable to prevent Armstrong from escaping the state, and he used a forged passport to fly first to New York and then on to Costa Rica.

She was finally apprehended by the authorities in Costa Rica after the local police in the town where she was staying performed a background check on a name she gave them during a stop in the town and discovered that there was no record of her entering the country under that name.

Then, she admitted that her true identity was Armstrong, which is what lead them to the high priority arrest warrant that had been issued for her. She was taken into custody.

The United States Marshals Service reports receiving dozens of tips that assisted them in locating Armstrong in Costa Rica.

During an appearance on Good Morning America on Friday, Deputy United States Marshal Brandon Filla stated that the suspect believed that the location was some type of secure sanctuary for her.

We suspected that she had some form of financial resources because she was in possession of a check for $12,200. That would be very helpful in terms of funding her disappearance.

She cut her hair shorter and colored it a dark brown color. He went on to say that she was attempting to create a new way of life for herself.

At the time of her arrest, Armstrong had a band-aid covering an injury to her nose, which the police believe was caused by an accident that occurred while she was surfing.

However, according to unnamed sources cited by the cycling news website Velo News, she had plastic surgery.

When agents from the Santa Teresa de Cóbano Tourist Police stopped Armstrong, he gave the police a different name. However, no trace of her arrival into the country showed up when the name she gave was cross referenced with the country’s immigration registration.

She then gave the agents her genuine last name, and when they checked it against a database, they discovered that she was sought for international arrest.

They went on to say that a combined investigation carried out by Homeland Security Investigations and the Marshals Service discovered that Armstrong left the nation on May 18 using a fake passport that he had obtained.

She checked in at Newark International Airport for a flight on United Airlines to San Jose and arrived there later the same day. Armstrong is going to be sent back to the United States very soon.

In a video that was obtained by FOX3, Armstrong can be seen from behind wearing shorts and an orange t-shirt. Her hair has been drastically cut shorter, and it has been colored brown instead of red. A video of her after she was arrested has also been made public, and it shows her being led to a detention facility by a law enforcement official.

Throughout the time that Armstrong was evading the law, any members of her family or acquaintances who had been in contact with her during that period may be subject to criminal prosecution.

According to Susan Pamerleau, U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Texas, “The Marshals Service raised the Kaitlin Armstrong investigation to major case status early in this investigation, which probably played a critical role in her capture after a 43-day run.”

Authorities discovered Wilson ‘bleeding and unresponsive’ after suffering numerous gunshot wounds at her friend’s residence in Austin on May 11. Armstrong is sought in connection with Wilson’s killing.

Before declaring Wilson dead at the scene, police gave her CPR. Wilson, a “world-class” cyclist from Vermont, was staying in Austin for a competition.

As Armstrong’s car was spotted in the neighborhood around the time of the killing, officials came to the conclusion that Wilson was the victim of Armstrong’s jealously.

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