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Life-threatening Chemical Spill in Rainsville, Alabama 

A POTENTIAL life-threatening chemical spill in Rainsville, Alabama near a local McDonald’s has prompted a mass evacuation after an 18-wheeler overturned.



Evacuation recommended in Rainsville due to ‘threat to life safety’ hazardous Chemical spill

Central Rainsville inaccessible due to HAZMAT spill at intersection of 35 and 75. Expected duration over 3 hours. Traffic on 35 blocked between Rainbow road and Marshall rd. 75 blocked from George Wallace to VFW/Marshall rd. School board rerouting busses accordingly.

Parts of DeKalb County are being evacuated due to a “danger to life safety problem” involving a hazardous substance discharge.

It involves the rollover of an 18-wheeler.

The DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency advises residents to keep 1,000 feet away from the Rainsville crossroads of AL 35 and AL 75. This is the neighborhood around Main Street and McCurdy Avenue.

Residents live in Central Rainsville within the area shown, the school board has sent out an advisory instructing you to come pick up your kids from school as soon as you can.

The truck was the sole vehicle involved in the incident, according to a Rainsville Police dispatcher. The truck crashed while attempting to avoid construction. The driver was not injured. Highways 35 and 75 are both completely closed indefinitely.

More to follow..

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