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14 people injured following explosion at metal manufacturing plant in Bedford, Ohio

This is located in Cuyahoga County.



Update: A minimum of 14 individuals have been admitted to hospitals, with one in critical condition, after a horrifying blast occurred at a metal production plant.

On Monday afternoon, emergency services were dispatched to a manufacturing enterprise near Bedford following a colossal blast that ignited fires and scattered debris onto adjacent businesses, streets, and vehicles.

The incident occurred at I Schumann & Co., a producer of brass and bronze alloys located on Alexander Road in Oakwood. The cause of the explosion remains unknown, although witnesses informed FOX3 that there were two blasts, with the first being minor and the second, stronger one happening at roughly 2:30 p.m.

Several individuals with burn injuries were transported to a local hospital, with one individual being airlifted via a LifeFlight helicopter for treatment.

The explosion caused injuries to at least 14 people. Although the Oakwood Fire Department is investigating the cause of the explosion, they consider the facility to be reasonably safe, given that it is a foundry dealing with molten hot metal, which inherently poses a threat.

The explosion was of such magnitude that it propelled bricks from the building across the parking lot, demolishing the brick wall entirely.

The flying bricks collided with vehicles and neighboring businesses. Debris from the explosion was scattered across the street.

A bystander who was consuming his lunch in his car across the street explained to FOX3 what he experienced when the explosion occurred. “I was finishing my porkchop from Tasty Take-Outs, as I typically do… once I finished my porkchop, I was tidying up the inside, putting the bag away, and then suddenly – BOOM,” the man recounted. “I turned my head and witnessed it – just an explosive blast. It was insane, I’m not sure how nothing hit me.”

Original Story:

Reports indicate that a significant blast has taken place at the metal works facility located in Bedford, Ohio.

The incident is believed to have potentially resulted in multiple casualties.

Emergency services have requested the deployment of several medical helicopters, and the majority of the local fire departments are on the scene.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.

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