At least 10 miners trapped after Mexican coal mine collapse

Rescuers were attempting valiantly to free ten men who were trapped within a coal mine in Mexico on Thursday morning.

Authorities said hundreds of personnel were involved in the operation as rescue efforts for 10 miners trapped in a northern Mexico coal mine that had collapsed and flooded intensified Thursday.

According to officials, the fall happened after the miners Wednesday entered a nearby location that was submerged in water. Since the collapse, the authorities had not heard from the trapped miners.

Undersecretary of Defense Agustn Rádiala Suástegui stated Thursday that the miners are stuck between two 200-foot-deep mine shafts that are more than half flooded with water. The rescue team was pumping water out of the flooded mine.

On Thursday, a plane from the National Guard was supposed to land with six scuba divers from the special forces. When the conditions are right, they could go into the mine.

Laura Velázquez, who is in charge of civil defense, said that five miners were able to escape the collapse. Three of them were still in the hospital. On Wednesday, officials said there were nine miners trapped, but on Thursday, they changed that number to ten.

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Approximately 70 miles to the southwest of Eagle Pass, Texas, is where the mine is located in Sabinas. This year marked the beginning of operations at the mine, and the local administration stated that it had not been made aware of any complaints or reports of issues that had occurred in the past.

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