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Missing Harmony Montgomery’s mother Crystal Sorey no longer believes her daughter is alive

Missing Harmony Montgomery’s mother Crystal Sorey no longer believes her daughter is alive



Harmony Montgomery’s mother tells FOX3 News, ‘this is no longer a rescue mission’

The mother of the New Hampshire girl Harmony Montgomery, who has been reported missing, has expressed optimism that the authorities are getting closer to solving the mystery of what happened to her daughter. Crystal Sorey stated that she does not believe her daughter is still alive when speaking to FOX3 News.

Crystal Sorey, Harmony Montgomery’s mother, paid her respects at a makeshift memorial that was set up on Union Street in Manchester on Saturday afternoon.

Since 2019, Harmony has not been seen. At that time, she was being raised by her biological father, Adam Montgomery, and her stepmother, Kayla Montgomery. In the early part of the previous week, investigators combed through an apartment building located on Union Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. The refrigerator and a few other items were removed from the flat by the investigators.

Sorey mentioned to FOX3 News that she was informed by law enforcement that other discoveries could be forthcoming in the upcoming weeks. “We can no longer consider this a rescue operation. There is no longer a case of a missing individual. According to Sorey, “I feel in my heart that it’s going to move from a missing person’s case to a homicide investigation.” “At this juncture, all we can do is wait,” the speaker said. I’ve been told that things are going to ramp up to a much higher level of difficulty over the next few weeks. There is going to be a lot of action,”

Sorey stated that she was unaware of the reason behind the investigators’ decision to remove a refrigerator from the premises. Adam Montgomery, Harmony’s father, is still incarcerated on charges that are unrelated to his daughter’s disappearance. On June 28th, he is scheduled to appear in court again.

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