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Monsignor Joseph P. Lehman III, pastor of Saint Bede, passed away at Grady Hospital in Atlanta

Monsignor Joseph P. Lehman III, pastor of Saint Bede, passed away this afternoon at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.



Monsignor Joseph P. Lehman III, a priest of the Diocese of Richmond and Pastor of Saint Bede Church in Williamsburg.

Monsignor Lehman served as pastor of Saint Bede parish and previously was the pastor of OLON for 22 years. Funeral arrangements will be provided once finalized.

In addition to his parish ministry work, Msgr Lehman is recognized for his ecumenical work through the Virginia LARCUM Committee, on which he served as ecumenical and interreligious officer, and the Virginia Council of Churches.

Joe was a priest filled with the compassion of the Good Shepherd. He preached boldly, served generously, and lived joyfully.

He was an enthusiastic participant in ecumenical and interfaith dialog, and his parishioners in Williamsburg, Roanoke and beyond knew that their pastor was a man who loved Christ and His people.

“Father Joe” as he was known on the Hill, was a foundational pillar for so many in our Celtic family and a true living testament of our faith. He was a beloved shepherd for decades to students, families, faculty, staff, and administrators. His impact was both massive and lasting on the Hill, as well as throughout our Celtic family. One would hear his name referenced with the utmost admiration on a regular basis around campus. We join so many of those whose lives Msgr. Joe touched and pray for his family, and the repose of his soul.

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