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Monster 20ft great white shark left swimmer needing 30 pints of blood

Surfer Steve Bruemmer was severely injured in the shark attack at Pacific Grove on Wednesday. People at Lover’s Point Beach in California saw the water turn red when Steve Bruemmer, 62, was bitten.

Surfer Steve Bruemmer was severely injured in the shark attack at Pacific Grove on Wednesday.

People at Lover’s Point Beach in California saw the water turn red when Steve Bruemmer, 62, was bitten.

Heroic bystanders pulled him out of the water as a group of kids from Kansas who were visiting the area looked on in horror.

Steve was just about 150 yards from shore when the “extremely large” shark rushed on him and gave him a massive bite that tore into his knee, stomach, and arms all at once.

People who were there said that his “bone was totally showing,” and the water turned red from the blood that was pouring out of his wounds into the ocean.

When they heard the swimmer’s ear-splitting screams, police officer Paul Bandy and his nursing wife Aimee Johns, who were paddle surfing nearby, immediately ran to help the victim.

He said to FOX3, “The swimmer was bleeding a lot, and there was blood everywhere. We paddled right over to him.”

Heath Braddock, a surf instructor who had been leading an outing in the water for a group of visiting children, came over to join the pair at that time.

However, the 20-foot shark attacked the children when they were “chest-deep” in the water, which required the instructor to evacuate the class to a safer location on land before assisting Steve with his rescue.

According to Heath: “They did indeed experience total absorption; there is no doubt about it. They witnessed everything.”

The fearless instructor then paddled back into the water, this time armed with two surfboards, and headed in the direction of Steve, who had been injured.

“He was 300 feet away,” he said. A lot of tourists yell “shark!” when there isn’t one. It rarely happens. Most often, it’s a dolphin.

“But this guy kept screaming like crazy. I knew it was real because there was a pool of blood around him.”

Just a few seconds earlier, Paul and Amy had arrived at the injured swimmer’s location and assisted in dragging him onto Heath’s unused surfboard.

After that, the seasoned surfer said, “I pulled on his healthy arm, and they lifted the other arm that had been bitten.”

“The damage to his leg appeared to be the most severe; the bone was clearly seen. The most of the injury was done to the front side of his stomach.”

After that, Heath was compelled to “paddle as hard as he could” in order to return to the shore as Steve, who was clinging to his life for dear life, continued to bleed out.

After that, the three brave individuals tore the man’s wetsuit off of him and placed tourniquets over his gaping wounds in an effort to stop the bleeding.

Steve had bite wounds on his leg, stomach, and arms, in addition to a broken femur, when he was brought to the Natividad Medical Center for treatment.

The shark bite was unlucky. But after that, I have just had so much good luck.

The forensics lab at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was able to determine that the shark in question was a great white.

Experts from Monterey Bay’s shark population estimate that the sea monster that attacked him measured approximately 6 meters (20 feet) in length.

After losing “a significant amount of blood,” Steve required 30 pints of transfusion, which took the surgeons two hours to perform in the operating room.

He is currently healing from his hospitalization, but he expressed gratitude in a previous statement for the fact that he was saved.

The bite from the shark was a stroke of bad luck, according to Steve. But ever since then, I’ve just had an incredible run of good luck.

It was such a pleasant and warm day, and the beach was packed with people. There were no waves, and the water did not even have any chop.

“In order for others to be able to hear me crying ‘Help!’ from a considerable distance.”

Chief Cathy Madalone of the Pacific Grove Police Department expressed gratitude and appreciation to the Good Samaritans who took swift action and personal danger to assist the swimmer. “We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Good Samaritans,” she stated.

After the frightening assault, authorities wasted no time in closing beaches and spreading shark warning warnings around the area.

According to the reports, the Monterey Fire Department attempted to spot the shark using a drone but was unsuccessful in their hunt.

On Saturday, people will be able to go swimming again.

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