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Unknown gunmen have killed a provincial governor and five others in the central Philippines in the latest attack targeting local politicians.

According to police, six individuals wearing uniforms resembling those worn by the armed services and carrying rifles entered the governor’s residence in Pamplona town and started shooting.

The governor of Negros Oriental province, Roel Degamo, and five others were killed in a shooting by unknown gunmen, according to police.

Janice Degamo, the mayor of Pamplona and the governor’s widow, expressed her grief on Facebook, stating that her husband was serving his constituents on a Saturday and did not deserve to die in such a manner.

The police statement did not provide an update on the conditions of the injured victims. Degamo’s death is the latest in a long history of attacks on politicians in the Philippines, with at least three individuals being shot since the local elections in the previous year.

The “assassination” of Roel Degamo, a political ally, was condemned by President Ferdinand Marcos, who vowed to quickly bring his killers to justice.

Recently, Degamo was declared the rightful winner of the Negros Oriental governorship contest by the Supreme Court after a recount that unseated his local rival, who was previously declared the winner.


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