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NYPD officers hit with bottles at Bronx Dominican Day parade

Several NYPD officers were attacked and showered with glass bottles on Sunday in the Bronx following the Dominican Day parade.

The cops there were trying to make an arrest when the local thugs decided to get involved. That glass breaking sound you hear is “airmail”; them throwing glass bottles at the cops.

Several police officers were attacked and showered with glass bottles on Sunday in the Bronx following the Dominican Day parade.

In a violent scenario seen on camera, a group of young men started throwing fists and then bottles at the police as they tried to apprehend a man for carrying a gun.

According to police sources, the boisterous males were drinking on the street, blasting loud music, and impeding traffic at the intersection of 168th Street and Sheridan Avenue, near the route of the Dominican Day procession, which concluded soon before the incident.

At 7:30 p.m., when police arrived to break up the ongoing party, they met a man with a revolver.

According to the footage and police sources, as the cops handcuffed the armed guy, others in the crowd began fighting with them.

Several individuals can be heard on the video asking the police why they were pushing the man prior to the ensuing confrontation.

“Hey, back off! “Go home!” yells a police officer to the person filming.

A man wearing a black mask and a black baseball cap can be seen in the video extending his arm towards one of the policemen, possibly with the intent to strike him, while the officers are escorting the subject to an awaiting police van.

The officer then pushes and throws the masked man to the ground, where more officers pile on top of him.

Someone can be heard yelling, “Look, they’re hitting him!”

Before a man in a yellow shirt shamelessly charges the cop who asked the gathering to back off, the officers push others back.

Someone off camera starts throwing glass bottles at the police from across the street as the mob disperses away from the officers. The footage shows the officers running and dodging the missiles as glass breaking can be heard in the background.

According to police sources, the rash group included members of the Dominican gang Trinitarios.

According to the reports, at least six persons were detained during the commotion, one for possessing a firearm and the others for disorderly behavior.

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