Paraglider Marcelo Nunes Rodrigues plunges to his death in fireball crash after his chute gets severed by a KITE

THIS is the horror moment a paraglider Marcelo Nunes Rodrigues plunged to his death in a fireball crash after his chute got severed by a kite.

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Yesterday in Aparecida de Goiania, Brazil, it is stated that a daredevil pilot named Marcelo Nunes Rodrigues died from burns after his aircraft crashed into the earth in an uncontrolled descent.

The paraglider, who was discovered dead in a field, was 52 years old. Despite the efforts of the firefighters who came to the site, they were unable to save the paraglider’s life.

The gruesome video footage captured Rodrigues’ dying moments as he breathed his last.

When one of the parachute lines on the experienced pilot’s aircraft suddenly jerks, it can be seen that the pilot is beginning a slow descent with the aircraft.

Within a matter of seconds, it gives way, and the apparatus tumbles to the earth below.

Itiel Lima, a friend of Rodrigues who is also a professional powered parachute pilot and instructor, was there at the scene of the disaster when Rodrigues’ friend was involved in the accident and crashed.

He believes that a rogue kite line coated with powdered glass was responsible for the destruction of the parachute lines, which led to the crash of the aircraft.

The activity of flying kites while applying “cerol,” which is a mixture of glue and powdered glass, to the lines is a common and well-liked hobby for children in Brazil.

The objective of the game is to sever the line holding the kite belonging to the opponent. The behavior is against the law and is responsible for a great number of deaths annually.

Itiel expressed his regret, saying, “Unfortunately, a kite with a cerol line severed all of the paraplane’s lines.”

“After that, he fell to the ground in a vertical direction, the fuel tank exploded, and because the engine was hot, he suffered some charring to his body.”

A powered parachute is a sort of aircraft that consists of a parafoil that has been outfitted with a motor and wheels. This style of aircraft is also known as a motorized parachute or a paraplane.

They normally fly at speeds ranging from 25 to 35 miles per hour and operate at altitudes ranging from 500 to 1,500 feet.

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