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Plane crashes at General Mills plant in Covington

Plane crash at General Mills plant triggers huge explosion in Covington, Georgia



A PLANE crashed at a General Mills plant in Georgia Thursday, said emergency officials. 

Witnesses says the plane had problems gaining altitude and veered to the right at 6:45pm plane. It had just taken off from Covington Airport. The plane crashed into 4 empty trailers at the General Mills Plant.NO survivors. FAA will take over investigation.

An “unidentified small plane” crashed about 7:05 p.m. at the Nuevo Motores plant, located about eight-tenths of a mile from the eastern edge of the runway at Covington Municipal Airport, FAA said.

Details are scarce, but it is believed to have occurred shortly after the plane took off.

Multiple tractor-trailers have sustained damage in the thick cloud of smoke that has engulfed the plant.

It has not been reported whether anyone has been injured in the crash.


Investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash.

The crash site is about 30 miles southeast of Atlanta.

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