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Reports of hostage situation at business in downtown Hyden turn out to be hoax

An early morning call sent police officers rushing into action after someone claimed to have hostages at a business in downtown Hyden. There was only one problem. It wasn’t true.


At 7:30am this morning Chief Deputy Jeremy Vega was dispatched to a business in downtown Hyden of a possible hostage situation with threats made that the perpetrator would shoot any law enforcement officers that arrive.

It was also told that bombs where placed at certain locations. It was later discovered all these claims were indeed false.

Officers believe someone from out of state made these claims while watching officers on the EarthCam.

There has also been rumors of an active shooter in town and that is false as well.

This situation is over and there is no threat to the public.

Chief Deputy Jeremy Vega was assisted on scene by Sheriff Billy Collett, Lieutenant Shane Wilson, and Deputy James Begley.

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