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Reuben Gulley arrested in connection to killing of TikTok star’s son Randon Lee

An individual Reuben Gulley wanted in connection with the murder of 18-year-old Randon Lee was taken into custody on Thursday evening.

An individual Reuben Gulley wanted in connection with the murder of 18-year-old Randon Lee was taken into custody on Thursday evening.

On Thursday afternoon, twenty-year-old Reuben Gulley from Saraland turned himself in to the Mobile County Metro Jail where he was being held on a charge of murder.

The warrant for the murder suspect’s arrest was issued on August 4th, according to the records kept at the jail. Gulley has being sought in connection with this investigation for the past few weeks.

On June 24, Gulley is suspected of opening fire and shooting Lee at a petrol station located in Prichard. According to the investigators, Lee Nichols, son of the popular TikTok actress Ophelia Nichols, was killed when he met up with two individuals with the intention of selling them marijuana.

In the beginning, the Prichard Police Department did not make any public statements regarding the arrest; however, the information was later confirmed by the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office.

It is not clear if authorities believe Gulley was the perpetrator of the shooting or the driver of the getaway vehicle.

A judge did not grant Gulley’s request for release during a hearing that took place on Friday morning. On Tuesday, there will be a court appearance for the arraignment.

Nichols, who is known on TikTok as “Mama Tot,” posted two videos on Friday in which she talked about Gulley’s arrest and how other TikTok stars rushed to post videos about the news before she did.

She launched her first video to her 8.5 million followers by saying, “I would have liked to jump on here last night and say, ‘Guess what?’ but unfortunately, the news and other people didn’t allow it,” She said this in the beginning of her first video.

“100 texts indicate I should be pleased, but I’m not. Dissatisfied. When terrible situations occur, I look at everything, I don’t just look at this and make a conclusion or opinion “continuing “I assumed he was a baby when I saw his mugshot last night. Baby.”

“His teachers commented, “I taught him in high school and he was a great young man.” I’m sure he was. Probably, “continued “In 11 seconds, he threw his life away. He and my baby have a mother that would do anything for them. They probably share that.”

“Now two families are hurting. We, “said. “Those parents shouldn’t suffer for what their child did, and neither should I.”

Nichols said several individuals have made “awful comments about my baby child” since her son’s murder made headlines.

“Why? Nobody knows him. You don’t know him. Last night I thought, ‘Lord, I hope [the suspect’s mother] doesn’t go through that. Nobody deserves that. It was tough. Our kids shouldn’t have been there that night.”

She said she hoped for “justice” in her son’s death, but “two families are wounded,” not just her. She said many families in her town “never got justice.”

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