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Richland One Schools are cleared and are now going OFF of “hold” status

As a precaution, all Richland One schools are on Hold status.



UPDATE: Around 10:20 am Richland One updated all schools are now cleared by Richland County Sheriff’s Department and are now going OFF of “hold” status.

Forest Acres Police Department are aware of the threats made to some schools in the Richland One School District. The FAPD is on patrol in the areas and monitoring the situation.

Parents and Caregivers: please look for updates from the district via your email, phone, or social media.

The district has advised schools are on a “hold” status but not a full lockdown at this time. This comes after several schools received bomb and shooting threats. Right now, specific schools have not been named publicly.

Richland One issued the following statement:

We have been notified that several area schools are receiving bomb threats and threats to shoot up the schools. As a precaution, we are placing all of our schools on Hold status as a precaution. Hold status does not mean a lockdown, but movement into school hallways will be restricted until further notice.

Teaching and learning can continue within classrooms where students are currently located. Students and staff are fine, but parents who want to sign out their children from school can do so by presenting their ID at the front entrance. We will provide any updates to you as soon as we receive them.

A. C. Moore Elementary School issued the following statement:

Several area schools are receiving threats. As a precaution, all Richland One schools are on Hold status. Hold status is not a lockdown, just no movement in the hallways until further notice. Teaching and learning will continue securely within classrooms. All is well here.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.

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