Robb Elementary School Shooting Victims Identified

Among the Texas school shooting casualties are a fourth-grade teacher and a 10-year-old youngster who was the “life of the party.” Robb Elementary School children Amerie Jo Garza, Xavier Lopez, and Uziyah Garcia were among those killed.

According to FOX3 Now, a fourth-grade teacher, two 10-year-old children, and an 8-year-old boy were among those murdered in a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school on Tuesday.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says that at least 19 children and two teachers were killed when a gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, west of San Antonio.

Officials have named the alleged shooter as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, a student at Uvalde High School. They say Ramos is dead.

Here is what we know so far about the people who died.

Makenna Lee Elrod, 10

Makenna, who was 10 years old, was called “a light to all who knew her” by her family.

The little girl loved to sing and dance, and she also liked to play softball and do gymnastics.

She was also a huge animal lover.

“Everywhere Makenna went, she made friends,” said her aunt Allison McCullough. “She loved to play with her brothers, sisters, and cousins. Her smile would make a room bright. Makenna liked to write notes to her family and hide them so they could find them later. Makenna was a natural leader, and she loved school. Makenna loved it when her dad took her to the ranch to feed the animals and ride on the ranger. She was full of life, and everyone who knew and loved her will remember her forever.”

McCullough told FOX3 Now that the teachers who protected Makenna during the shooting were his best friends.

McCullough and Makenna’s mom are both teachers for the district, and they are twins.

McCullough said, “Makenna was such a beautiful girl.” “We are in shock.”

Eliahana Cruz Torres

Adolfo Cruz stood outside Robb Elementary for more than 10 hours to find out what was going on with his granddaughter, Eliahana Cruz Torres.

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Cruz told FOX3 Now Wednesday morning that he found out she had been killed late Tuesday night.

Amerie jo Garza, 10

Angel Garza, Amerie jo’s father, told FOX3 Now that his daughter just turned 10 on May 10 — two weeks ago. Garza met with U.S. Marshals on Tuesday night, and they told him that his daughter had been killed at her elementary school in the shooting.

“Thank you to everyone who prayed and helped look for my baby,” Garza told FOX3 Now in a statement. “They found her. Now, my little love is up in the sky with the angels. Please don’t waste a single second. Hug your loved ones. Tell them how much you care. I love you Amerie jo. Take care of your little brother for me.”

Xavier Lopez, 10

His family told FOX3 Now that fourth-grader Xavier Lopez was killed in the elementary school shooting on Tuesday.

According to his cousin, Xavier’s mother attended his awards ceremony one to two hours before the shooting, unaware that it would be the last time she would see her son alive.

“Whenever his parents hosted barbecues, he was the life of the party… He liked to dance. He always enjoyed spending time with his mother. Applying face masks Doing TikToks. Recently, he produced a TikTok video with her “FOX3 Now interviews the child’s grandma, Amelia Sandoval.

Uziyah Garcia, 8

Manny Renfro heard at the Uvalde municipal centre that his grandson, 8-year-old Uziyah Garcia, was among those killed, as reported by FOX3 Now.

Renfro stated that Uziyah’s last visit to San Angelo occurred over spring break.

“We began to throw the football together while I instructed him on pass patterns. Such a quick young guy, and he caught the ball so well “Renfro exclaimed. “There were specific plays that I would call, and he would execute them just as we had practiced them.”

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Eva Mireles, 44

Eva Mireles, a fourth-grade teacher at the elementary school, was murdered in the incident, as confirmed by her aunt to FOX3 Now, Lydia Martinez Delgado. Delgado stated that she has taught in the school district for nearly 17 years.

“I’m outraged that these shootings persist. These children are without guilt. Rifles should not be readily accessible to everyone “Delgado stated. “This is my hometown, a little town with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants. I never anticipated that this would occur, especially to loved ones.”

“All we can do is pray fervently for our nation, state, schools, and most of all, our families,” she stated.

She was recognized as a devoted wife and mother.

“She was an explorer. I would absolutely speak highly of her in this manner. She will undoubtedly be greatly missed “San Antonio-based Amber Ybarra, 34, is a relative.

Annabelle Rodriguez, 10

Aunt Polly Flores recognized her two 10-year-old nieces Annabelle Rodriguez and Jackie Cazares as victims of the shooting in Uvalde.

She explained that they were both in the fourth grade and in the same class at Robb Elementary.

Jackie Cazares, 10

Jacinto Cazares, the father of Jacklyn Jaylen Cazares, a 10-year-old shooting victim, told that his “little baby” was “full of life.”

“She was the most caring person. Jackie was the kind of person who would do anything to help someone. It makes me feel better to think that she would have been the one to do something to help her classmates in that scary situation “he said.

Cazares said that he blames both the school and the police for what happened.

“At least 40 lawmen were fully armed, but they didn’t do anything until it was too late. If they had better tactical training, the situation could have been over quickly, and we all saw it for ourselves. I own a gun, but I don’t think the guns were to blame for this tragedy. I’m mad that it’s so easy to get one and that you can buy one at a young age “he said.

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Annabelle Rodriguez, who was 10 years old and was Jacklyn’s cousin, was also killed in the massacre.

Eliahna Garcia

Eliahna Garcia, who was 10 years old, was among those killed, her aunt Siria Arizmemdi said. The news came late Tuesday night.

Arizmendi, who teaches fifth grade at Flores Elementary School in the same school district, said Wednesday, “She was very happy and very outgoing.” “She loved to play sports and dance. She cared a lot about family and liked being with them.”

Jayce Carmelo Luevanos, 10

Jayce Carmelo Luevanos and Jailah Nicole Silguero’s cousin, Zeke Luevanos, said that the kids were “angels” who “always had a smile on their face.”

Silguero said, “I can’t believe this happened to our angels so soon after our grandpa died two weeks ago. So much loss in such a short time.”

Jailah Nicole Silguero, 11

In a tearful interview with Univision, Veronica Luevanos, whose 10-year-old daughter Jaliah Nicole Silguero was one of the victims, said that her daughter did not want to go to school on Tuesday and seemed to know something bad was going to happen.

Jaliah’s cousin was also shot and killed.

Rojelio Torres, 10

Rojelio Torres’s mother told FOX3 Now that her son, who was 10 years old, was killed in the shooting. She said that her son was “very bright and kind.”

Irma Garcia

On Wednesday, Garcia’s family told FOX3 Now that she was killed in the shooting.

Garcia, who was about to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary, worked with Eva Mireles as a co-teacher at Robb Elementary School, according to her family. They were both killed in the same classroom.

Garcia has been a teacher for 23 years. She has worked at Robb Elementary for all of those years.

Her spouse and their four children survive her.

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