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New Orleans cop Robert Hoobler who saved Lil Wayne’s life as a boy, dies aged 65

Uncle Bob aka Robert Hoobler Passed Away Age 65. When Lil Wayne shot himself in the chest at the age of 12



Uncle Bob aka Robert Hoobler Passed Away Age 65. When Lil Wayne shot himself in the chest at the age of 12

On Friday, 65-year-old Robert Hoobler was discovered dead at his New Orleans residence.

Lil Wayne had given the retired officer the moniker “Uncle Bob” after the rapper’s life was said to have been saved by him in November 1994.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., had already dialed 911 when the shot was fired.

When Hoobler arrived at the house, the 12-year-old was placed in the back of a police car because an ambulance wasn’t readily accessible.

It’s claimed that he said to the boy: “Son, stay awake. You’ll be alright, I assure you. We’ll see.”

Nurses informed the officer that the man would have died if they had waited for an ambulance when they got to the hospital.

In 2009, Hoobler declared: “I’m proud of what he’s accomplished.

“But I would have done the same thing for the guy no one ever heard from again.”

In 2021, Lil Wayne, who has won a Grammy, talked about his struggles with depression and his attempt to kill himself.

He stated, “The moment I pulled the trigger was the moment I realized I had issues with my mental health.”

In 2018, the rapper, who has racked up more than 120 million record sales, expressed his gratitude to Hoobler while winning an award.

And in the year 2020, when talking about the demonstrations that were held in response to George Floyd’s passing, Lil Wayne claimed, “My life was saved by a white cop.”

“So… I think it’s important that you realize how I feel about the police.”

Friends of Hoobler informed that he had been in a car accident that left him with persistent health problems. The official cause of Hoobler’s death has not been disclosed.

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) if you or someone you know is afflicted by any of the problems mentioned in this account, or text Crisis Text Line at 741741.


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