Russian missile caught on CCTV just before it slams into a Ukrainian shopping mall killing at least 20

A RUSSIAN missile has been caught on CCTV in the fraction of a second before it obliterated a Ukrainian shopping mall.

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The assault on the building that was taking place in the city of Kremenchuk has resulted in the deaths of at least twenty individuals.

The terrifying video shows the shopping center being consumed by flames while rubble is hurled into the air.

After the attack on Monday, dozens of people were hurt, and many others are still missing.

Ivan Melekhovets, the chief of the local fire department, who has been assisting with the search and rescue operation, stated that in a fire of such intensity, “you have no chance of surviving.”

“The toughest thing to witness are the dead – adults and children,” he said, adding that they were still searching for between 50 and 60 individuals who had gone missing after the incident.

After the missile strike, other images showed frightened families cowering in panic and running away from the area.

The screen was subsequently turned orange as a result of a second strike. After that, the couple gets down on their knees as the terrified man throws himself into the water.

The next thing visible is him plunging headfirst into the water in an effort to protect himself from being hurt by the flying debris.

The woman is caught rushing away as trash falls all around her and heavy clouds develop in the sky above them.

A second viewpoint reveals a terrified mother clinging to her little child as she makes a dash for cover under a nearby tree.

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