Satellite images show Putin is sending more troops and tanks at Kyiv

Satellite images show THREE mile-long convoy heading towards capital after failing to take the city

A satellite image made available by Maxar Technologies shows a large convoy of Russian ground forces in convoy near Ivankiv, Ukraine, today

A private U.S. company said satellite imagery taken today showed a large deployment of Russian ground troops moving toward Kyiv from approximately 40 miles (64 km) away.

The release from Maxar Technologies showed a deployment comprised of hundreds of military vehicles going for more than 3.25 miles(5 km).

Images released by Maxar—which has been tracking the buildup of Russian forces—could not be independently verified.

As Russian troops draw closer to the capital, Kyiv’s mayor says he is filled with pride over his citizens’ spirit but remains anxious about how long they can hold out.

After a gruelling night of Russian attacks on Kyiv’s outskirts, mayor Vitali Klitschko was silent for several seconds when asked if there were plans to evacuate civilians if Russian troops managed to take the Ukrainian capital.

Citizens of Kyiv have resorted to arming themselves amid fears of an imminent invasion by Russian troops. (Pictured: satellite image showing Russian army heading to the captial of Ukraine)

‘We can’t do that, because all ways are blocked,’ he finally said. ‘Right now we are encircled.’

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Russian troops’ advance on the city has been slower than many military experts had expected.

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