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Screams and banging heard at home where Peter McGuire raped woman for months and gouged out her eye

Screams and banging heard at home where Peter McGuire raped woman for months and gouged out her eye



NEIGHBORS in an affluent, quiet cul-de-sac claimed they heard screams and banging on the walls of a house where a woman was allegedly raped and tortured for months before she escaped.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim was discovered in a park that is part of the California state system down the hill from the residence in Chino Hills where Peter McGuire is suspected of torturing her between the dates of January 1 and June 9.

According to the police complaint, the suspect “did cut and cripple the tongue, as well as put out an eye, and slit the nose, ear, and lip” of the victim.

According to the authorities, parkgoers spotted the victim and immediately dialed 911 when they did.

Two days after the initial incident, deputies went to McGuire’s residence to carry out a search warrant. The woman, who was taken to the hospital and treated there, is currently in a stable condition.

The cops entered the house through the garage, according to a neighbor who spoke with FOX3 but requested that their identity be kept secret for their own protection.

Garth Goodell, the captain of the Chino Hills Police Department, stated during a meeting with the city council on June 14 that 59-year-old McGuire was no longer present.

Chino Hills and San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies worked together to find him in the city of Placentia, roughly 15 miles south of Chino.

Goodell alleged that he holed himself inside the house for a length of time before surrendering peacefully.

McGuire has entered a not guilty plea to all accusations brought against him.

Torture, kidnapping with the intent to commit another crime, kidnapping, mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment by violence, forced rape, two counts of sodomy by use of force, and forcible oral copulation are some of the allegations that have been brought against the defendant.


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