At least 49 dead and 30 injured after prison riot sparks fires in Tulua, Colombia

AT least 49 inmates have been killed after a mass brawl broke out across a Colombian jail.

After receiving information that convicts had started a fire in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, riot officers were immediately dispatched to the location to put out the blaze.

The chief of the INPEC prison agency, General Tito Castellanos, was quoted as saying that the horror riot was a “tragic and devastating incident” on the local Caracol Radio station.

According to what he stated, “there was a crisis, evidently a disturbance, the prisoners lit some beds and a conflagration erupted,” which tragically led to the deaths of 49 detainees.

“It triggered a chain reaction that quickly spread throughout the majority of the block.”

In addition, according to General Castellanos, there were a total of 1,267 inmates at the facility, and approximately 30 additional people were injured.

The officials claim that the convicts set fire to beds in an effort to prevent the security personnel from breaking up the riot.

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Since then, the fire has been brought under control, and none of the captives have managed to flee.

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