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5 people shot at Graceland Cemetery in Racine during funeral

5 people shot at Graceland Cemetery in Racine during funeral

‘Mass shooting’ at Graceland Cemetery in Racine leaves ‘at least five hurt’ as cops ask ‘everybody’ to avoid the area

According to family members who spoke to FOX3 Now, a shooter opened fire on a funeral procession at Racine’s Graceland Cemetery on Thursday afternoon, injuring five individuals.

“Critical” is how Racine police defined the shooting and encouraged the public to avoid the area. Multiple bullets were fired, according to police, and the status of the victims is unknown. The scene is still being probed by authorities, according to the statement.

At the scene of the shooting, FOX3 Now teams found at least 12 bullet round markings.

Funeral services were held for Da’Shontay L. King Sr., according to the funeral home and crematory, Draeger-Langendorf Funeral Home and Crematory. A member of King’s family was reportedly hit, according to a funeral home employee. They reported that all of the funeral home workers were OK.

When a Racine police officer shot and killed Da’Shontay King Sr. on March 20 near 12th and Schiller, his family already knew who the victim was. A traffic stop for a guns investigation was attempted at the time, according to police. Police claim that King exited the vehicle armed. The defendant allegedly refused to stop and obey the officer’s directions, according to authorities. The police officer fired. His death was confirmed on the spot.

Around 2:30 p.m., a shooting broke out in the cemetery.

An Ascension All Saints Hospital spokeswoman confirmed that the facility is on lockdown.

“Our main priority is the safety of our employees, patients, visitors, and healthcare providers. An off-site incident has led to enhanced security at Ascension All Saints Hospital. The emergency room is currently taking new patients and allowing patients to keep their existing appointments. Security screenings have also been stepped up, and the number of open hospital gates has been lowered in an abundance of caution, “based on Ascension’s teachings.

After law enforcement confirmed it was safe to do so, the Racine United School District said Park High School was dismissed about 10 minutes later than usual.

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