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Final Video shows Shinzo Abe’s killer lurking behind him moments before ex-PM shot dead in bloody assassination

THIS chilling Video shows Shinzo Abe with his killer Yamagami Tetsuya lurking in the background moments before the ex-Prime Minister was shot dead.



THIS chilling Video shows Shinzo Abe with his killer lurking in the background moments before the ex-Prime Minister was shot dead.

Abe was killed in a vicious shooting attack that resulted in a gory assassination; the lone assailant was armed with a weapon that he had fashioned himself.

The violent killing, which has outraged people all around the world, resulted in the 67-year-old victim being shot in the chest and the neck.

A photograph shot of Abe just before he passed away shows him approaching a platform while the person who is suspected of killing him is looking directly at him.

Moments after the picture was taken, the assailant pulled out a home-made shotgun and fired again, ultimately causing the former prime minister’s death from his wounds.

Abe was Japan’s Prime Minister for the longest straight term in the country’s history, which was nine years, and he was instrumental in redefining Japan’s place on the international arena.

Yamagami Tetsuya, 41, was taken into custody by the police in Nara, Japan, shortly after the shooting that took place there. The reasons for his murder are yet unknown.

A suspected explosive device was found at the residence of Tetsuya, a former member of the Japanese navy who now resides in the neighborhood where the discovery was made.

Japan is often regarded as one of the safest countries in the world and possesses some of the most stringent gun control laws found anyplace in the globe.

Abe can be seen in the horrifying footage fainting on the sidewalk while gripping his blood-splattered chest as three security personnel run toward him.

Abe was taken to the hospital, but despite all of the frantic efforts to rescue him, including the administration of an emergency blood transfusion, he was pronounced dead a few hours later.

As Japanese elections for the upper house are approaching later this week, he was delivering a speech at a campaign event for his former party, the Liberal Democratic Party.

Local media reported that the assailant was able to draw his weapon and shoot the former statesman at close range “without being checked,” despite the fact that his security crew was present and surrounding him.

Since the 1930s, when Japan’s prewar militarism was at its height, this was the first time a sitting or past prime minister of Japan had been murdered.

After being shot, Abe was pronounced dead at 5:03 p.m. local time, which was approximately five and a half hours later.

According to the medical professionals, Abe died of internal bleeding, had significant wounds to his neck, and one of the bullets had penetrated his heart.

When he was brought in, there were no signs of life on his body.

And because members of the public and TV stations had their cameras aimed on him while he was speaking, the entire assassination was caught on film.

Unsettling film from before the assassination shows the alleged gunman loitering behind Abe while wearing a grey shirt, brown pants, and a white face mask. The footage was taken before the assassination.

Separate video taken a few seconds later captures him using the sawn-off-style weapon as security personnel try to block him from approaching the former PM.

A second video then shows Abe giving his address while the horrible killing is pieced together.

Two enormous booms, like cannons, and tremendous plumes of white smoke abruptly cut it short.

Witnesses who are in shock struggle silently to make sense of what has happened.

The gunman drops what appears to be a handmade weapon as his security crew charges and tackles him as Abe goes to the ground.

The gun seems to be made of two pipes fastened with heavy black tape to a wood.

There was a rush to try and preserve the life of the former prime minister, despite the fact that he was not breathing and his heart had stopped beating.

Akie Abe, the man’s beleaguered wife, was hastened to the clinic in order to be by her ailing husband’s side.


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