Shocking video shows a Russian helicopter shot down in Ukraine

Incredible moment a Russian helicopter appears to be blown out of the sky by Ukrainian forces

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Ukraine’s defence ministry shared footage on social media as they continue to mount a strong resistance against the invaders.

Video footage has emerged of what is believed to be a Russian Mi-24 Hind helicopter flying over the landscape.

A guided missile then comes whizzing in from the right of the frame, taking aim at the helicopter.

It strikes the Hind with an explosion

As it launches its countermeasure flares, the rocket strikes the helicopter and turns it into a ball of flame.

Video shows an artillery shell hurtling through the air before it bursts into a field, with a town visible in the background.

The video is believed to have been taken near Kyiv.

Putin's chopper then crashes to the earth in a fireball

Russia’s air force has failed to secure air superiority over Ukraine—a move which is hampering Putin’s invasion.

Ukraine’s defense ministry tweeted, “This is how the Russian occupiers are dying. This time in a helicopter.”

“Glory to Ukraine and its defenders! Together to victory!”

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