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Stephen Boss Aka Dj Twitch left a suicide note

Stephen Boss Aka Dj Twitch left a suicide note before walking out of his home in an Uber to a motel a mile away from home.



Stephen Boss Aka Dj Twitch left a suicide note before walking out of his home in an Uber to a motel a mile away from home.

Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Left Suicide Note Alluding to Past Challenges

FOX3 has learned that Stephen “tWitch” Boss left at least one clue about what he was going through before he killed himself. It was a note that talked about problems he’d had in the past.

According to sources within the law enforcement agency, the note that tWitch left behind at the location of his suicide was a cryptic reference to the difficulties he had faced in the past. It is not entirely obvious what he was alluding to in the note that he left.

According to what we’ve been informed, authorities have concluded that tWitch took an Uber from his house to the motel that was located less than a mile from his house on Monday morning. He also put his phone into airplane mode so that no one could call or track him.

On Monday morning, credible sources informed us that Stephen checked into a motel that was less than one mile away from the house where he was living in Los Angeles. We had conversations with employees at the motel, and they told us that he didn’t seem to be in any kind of distress and wasn’t overtly unhappy about anything. We were told that the man, who was forty years old, had brought only a tiny suitcase with him and had reserved the room for only one night.

On Tuesday, tWitch failed to complete his checkout, and when employees went to check on him, they discovered that he had committed himself by shooting himself in the head in the bathroom of his room.

The employees that we spoke with at the motel stated that nobody heard any gunfire at any time throughout tWitch’s stay, which is plausible considering the configuration of the motel, which is in the shape of a U and contains separate units.

When Stephen’s wife, Allison, reported him missing, she was in a panic since she knew it was out of character for him and that he had forgotten to take his car with him.

Tuesday morning about 11:15, emergency medical personnel were dispatched to the hotel where tWitch was located and proclaimed deceased at the scene.

Ellen DeGeneres paid tribute to her buddy with a touching post on her website, in which she wrote, “I’m heartbroken. tWitch was nothing but unadulterated love and brightness. Because he was a member of my family, I loved him with all of my being. I am going to miss him. Allison and his three stunning children, Weslie, Maddox, and Zaia, would greatly appreciate it if you could send them your love and support.”

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