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Student jumped out of Jupiter High School window

Jupiter Community High School on lockdown after medical emergency involving student



The school system confirmed to FOX3 at 12:15 p.m. that the student is alive and is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

Palm Beach County School District confirmed that a student was brought to a local hospital following an incident.

A notification was sent out to parents by the School District of Palm Beach County just before 10:30 a.m. informing them that the student had been transported to a nearby hospital.

“This is an individual occurrence only. All students are safe, “a statement made by the school district in its call stated.

On the second story of the school, which was located at 500 North Military Trail, there was a window that had been shattered.

A medical call was received just before 10:00 a.m. at the school, which is located at 500 North Military Trail. Paramedics responded, treated one patient, and then transferred them to a nearby trauma center, according to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

Multiple policemen from various departments of law enforcement are already on the scene, including those from the Jupiter Police Department and the school district police department.

According to FOX3, Superintendent Mike Burke is currently present at the school as well.

Jupiter High School is currently in a code yellow lockdown, which allows students and staff to move about as normal inside the building but locks all exterior doors. School operations have resumed.

Despite the fact that some parents have already arrived to pick up their children, the school district has stated that students will not be released early.

Help for students and staff members who are struggling emotionally has been provided to campus in the form of therapy dogs and other emotional support tools. According to the district’s announcement, those resources will be accessible on Thursday and Friday.

The School District of Palm Beach County has issued the following public announcement to all of the county’s parents:

“Good morning Jupiter High School parents and staff, this is the School District of Palm Beach County calling on behalf of Principal Iannitti,

Jupiter High School is currently locked down following a medical emergency involving a student who has been transported to the hospital.

This is an isolated incident. All students are safe. We will continue to update you.”

Other information, such as the age of the youngster or the severity of the injuries sustained by the student, has not been made public.

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