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Suspect Anthony Anderson Jr arrested in connection to shooting death of Curshawn Terrell, known as Kaz

Anthony Anderson Jr from Saginaw detained and is being held on a number of counts, including murder, in connection to shooting death of Curshawn Terrell, known as Kaz at 51 Sessions Recording Studio in Lansing, Michigan

A 28-year-old Anthony Anderson Jr from Saginaw has been detained and is being held on a number of counts, including murder, in connection with a shooting that occurred in Lansing Township on December 31.

At approximately 3:05 p.m. on Saturday, the Lansing Township Police Department was dispatched to 2722 E. Michigan Ave. in response to a report of shots fired.

When they arrived, they discovered two men, Curshawn Terrell, age 40, and Shaquille Brown, age 29, both suffering from gunshot wounds. Both men were identified as Shaquille Brown.

Curshawn Terrell

Later on, Terrell succumbed to the injuries he sustained and passed away.

Anthony Anderson Jr., age 28, originally from the Saginaw region, was recognized as a possible suspect not long after the incident took place.

According to the authorities, Anderson already has a lengthy criminal history, which includes two events that resulted in 14 felony convictions for assault and weapons charges, as reported by the Lansing Township Police.

He was free because the Saginaw Parole Office had granted him parole.

On January 3, just a few days after the incident, Anderson was given a parole violation hold, which means that his parole was temporarily halted. This hold was imposed since the incident occurred.

The next day, Lansing Township Police sent an arrest warrant to the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office. It was approved for the following charges:

  • Open Murder
  • Assault with Intent to Commit Murder
  • Felony Firearm-3rd or Subsequent Offense
  • Felony Firearm-3rd or Subsequent Offense
  • Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon
  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Anderson was additionally charged with Habitual Offender-Fourth or Subsequent Offense, which is something that the new prosecutor for Ingham County, John Dewane, stated he was going to begin doing.

Lansing Township Police stated that Anderson was involved in an automobile accident in Saginaw Township at the same time that the arrest warrant was being presented to Magistrate Stefani of the 55th District Court of Ingham County.

After entering his name into the system, the police discovered that he was being held for a parole violation.

After receiving treatment for the relatively minor injuries he sustained in the collision at the hospital, he was then brought to the Saginaw County Jail. In the end, he will be moved to Ingham County, which is where he will face the charges that are associated with the arrest warrant.

“Lansing Township Police Chief John E. Joseph said that in his more than 30-year career as a police officer, he has never seen so much help from the community to solve a violent crime like this, and he thanks everyone who helped with this part of the investigation,” Lansing Township Police said in a release.

According to the officials, there are still other elements of this inquiry, and anyone who may have any information is encouraged to phone the number 517-488-1344.

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