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TikTok star Kylie Strickland arrested for flashing boobs at two young boys in swimming pool and stream it on social media

A TIKTOK star Kylie Strickland has been arrested after flashing her boobs at two young boys in a swimming pool during a live stream.

A TIKTOK star Kylie Strickland has been arrested after flashing her boobs at two young boys in a swimming pool during a live stream.

Kylie Strickland, age 30, was arrested on Thursday after the Pike County Sheriff’s Office received “multiple complaints” about her behavior.

It is said that the social media star, who was born and raised in LaGrange, Georgia, exposed her breasts in a “provocative manner” to two minor boys who were present at a residence in Pike County, Georgia.

Reportedly, she laughed during a live TikTok video as she lowered the bottom of her pink bikini top, revealing two teenagers. The video was broadcasted on TikTok.

She was taken into custody after a warrant was filed for her arrest and is being charged with computer pornography and child exploitation, all of which are felonies in the state of Georgia, according to the police.

She will reportedly be held in custody until the time of her bond hearing, as stated by the Pike County Sheriff’s office.

According to a report, Strickland was allegedly at a home in Pike County when she provocatively displayed her breasts to two young children while live-streaming on social media.

“After this crime was initially reported to that agency, investigators were able to work in coordination with Troup County Sheriff’s Office staff.”

Strickland defended the video in a subsequent TikTok post following the alleged event, saying that the two children “had seen more boobs than I’ve probably seen in my entire life.”

She further asserted that the males had been drinking before she arrived at the house’s planned pool party.

In a subsequent video, she gave the impression of shifting responsibility by saying, “It is not my responsibility to parent someone else’s child.” Those children participate in dirt rides.

The comments were made after a screenshot that purported to depict a text message interaction between Strickland and one of the boy’s parents was shared on social media platforms.

An event in which she “showed them boys your tits” was allegedly referenced in the message that was purportedly sent by the child’s biological father.

According to the allegations, Strickland responded by claiming that she “probably shouldn’t have done that.”

On TikTok, Ms. Strickland publishes her content under the handle @Kylie.strickland3 and has amassed more than 263,000 followers.

Since she was taken into custody, her account has been changed to private status.

In a statement, Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff said, “We understand how upsetting this video was, but we always take our time when looking into a case, especially one that started on social media.”

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