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Tragic update after decomposing body of ‘blind 3-year-old boy Chase Allen found in a FREEZER’ in his family home

Tragic update after decomposing body of ‘blind 3-year-old boy Chase Allen found in a FREEZER’ in his family home



A MOTHER, 30, is behind bars after police discovered the body of a blind three-year-old boy Chase Allen stuffed inside a freezer in the basement of a home.

The family of the child who was found dead in a freezer in Detroit early on Friday morning revealed that they had called Child Protective Services thirteen times this year. Neighbors believe the young kid, who was just three years old, was blind.

The body of the young boy was discovered in a freezer inside the family’s residence. The authorities have not released the child’s name, but neighbors and family members have confirmed to FOX3 that his name is Chase.

Chief James White of the Detroit Police Department stated that the young boy had already begun to rot when he was discovered, and he gave kudos to the officers who were the first to respond for following their instincts.

Neighbors stated that Chase had additional problems as well, but they were not included on the list. It was reported that Chase was blind.

A relative stated that the mother was unable to cope with the situation, and that everyone in the family encouraged her to “give him to us if you can’t deal with it.”

According to family members, CPS has been called at least 13 times this year but has been unable to make any progress and has been barred from entering the home each time.


“He was the kindest of them all. He was extremely kind, “according to the relative.

To a press conference he conducted on Friday afternoon, White complimented the first two cops to arrive at the home for following their instinct and acting accordingly.

“Without the officers’ innate perceptiveness, the finding would not have been feasible. They were aware that the occupant’s manner of communication with them was off in some way, and they were looking for the source of the problem “White said.

White reported that, after speaking with occupants at the residence, they attempted to dissuade the cops from entering the property. Nevertheless, they listened to their gut and made a call to the Child Protective Services as well as a supervisor (CPS).


White stated that the decomposed body of the youngster was discovered in the basement of the house, inside of a freezer.

The boy hadn’t been seen by neighbors since at least March, they said.

Someone else in the family stated, “First she said he was in the hospital, and she gave him away, and then she said a couple had him – just too many things that don’t make sense.”

Unidentified child’s mother, 30, was arrested, authorities revealed.


White stated that he could not even fathom what must have been going through the minds of the other children that were present in the house. He went on to say that the residence was in “terrible shape,” and because of the conditions, there was a great deal of concern for the other children who were living there.

“They did not possess anything at all. They were dressed for the summer even while it was January “says friend Lynette Hardy.

The mother refused to allow the neighbors assist, despite their offers to do so.

The relative stated, “She previously had her children taken away from her, but she was able to get them back.”


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