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Twitter worker Esther Crawford, who slept in the office speaks out after being laid off

Unfortunately, working overtime has become commonplace for many of us, including Crawford during her tenure at Twitter.



Yesterday, various news sources stated that Twitter had laid off between 50 to 200 individuals.

Following this, Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of the social media company, tweeted on the same day, “Hope you have a good Sunday.

First day of the rest of your life.” Among those who departed over the weekend was Esther Crawford, who served as Twitter’s Director of Product Management and led the contentious Twitter Blue verification subscription.

During Twitter’s previous rounds of layoffs, which have become more frequent in recent times, Esther Crawford controversially advocated for employees to sleep in the office, using the hashtag ‘#SleepWhereYouWork’.

Unfortunately, working overtime has become commonplace for many of us, including Crawford during her tenure at Twitter.

She was so stretched for time that instead of going home to sleep, she would sleep in the office to save time on her morning commute.

A colleague of Crawford shared a photo showing her in a sleeping bag with an eye mask, curled up on the floor between some chairs and a desk. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t look like the most comfortable sleeping arrangement.

The original tweet was posted with the caption “When you require something from your boss on Elon Twitter.” Crawford retweeted the post and added her own comment, stating “When your team is working tirelessly to meet deadlines, sometimes you have to #SleepWhereYouWork.”

Crawford defended her company at the time when many people accused them of making their employees work overtime.

She explained that accomplishing difficult tasks necessitates sacrifices, such as time and energy, and she has colleagues all over the world who are committed to bringing something new to life.

Thus, it is crucial for her to be there for them and ensure that the team is not obstructed. Despite being let go by Twitter in the latest round of departures, Crawford is still proud of her work during the Musk era.

In her statement, she conveyed that the most unfavorable conclusion one could draw from witnessing her complete immersion in Twitter 2.0 is that her positive outlook and diligent efforts were erroneous.

Anyone who ridicules or taunts her is likely an outsider who is not actively involved in the endeavor.

Despite the considerable distractions and disorder surrounding the project, she expressed profound admiration for her team’s perseverance and accomplishments.

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