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Tya Lucas slept with her beloved pit bull and was almost eaten alive

Tya Lucas who slept with her dog narrowly escaped being completely consumed by the animal after the animal snapped and consumed “half her arm.”

Tya Lucas said I slept with my beloved pit bull — until he tried to eat me alive

A woman who slept with her dog narrowly escaped being completely consumed by the animal after the animal snapped and consumed “half her arm.”

The Lewisville Police Department confirmed to The Post that Tya Lucas, 41, was violently attacked by Hercules, a roughly 100-pound pit bull, on May 16 when she was at home in Lewisville, Texas, presenting her friend Peter, 33, to her new puppy, Roo.

When Lucas attempted to pick up the puppy because it was about to leap onto the couch, his friend advised him to get down. Hercules jumped at Peter at that point and bit at his neck.

“My friend started bleeding from the neck when the pit bull jumped on him. I exclaimed, “What the f-k?! ” She claimed, “He was latched onto the back of his neck.

Tya told the Post that she reacted quickly, yanked the pit bull away from her companion, and pushed him into the bathroom’s safety.

Hercules then started to be aggressive toward Tya. He must have began attacking me after smelling [Peter’s] blood all over me. I don’t really recall much of it. Tya recalled, “I remember looking down and saw my flesh being pulled off my arm.

I don’t recall the sensation, but I do recall yelling, “Hercules, it’s me.”‘

Tya Lucas Gofundme

The dog bit Tya’s leg, foot, and two-thirds of her right arm. Her daughter Tana, 20, and her husband Harley, 21, ran in when she screamed “Help me, I’m dying.”

“[Tana] observed that the dog was making an attempt to murder me. “I attempted to take her hand when it was extended to me, but I failed to do so by a matter of inches,” Tya explained. It seized hold of my leg and dragged me further away from it. When her husband came in, he fought the dog off of me by beating it. That is one part that escapes my memory. I’m not sure if I was having a seizure or not.”

Tana called 911 in a panic, and when officer Jordan Potter got there, Harley stepped in to pull the dog away from Tya and carry her outside.

Matt Martucci, who is in charge of public information for the Lewisville Police Department, told FOX3, “Officer Potter is very proud that he was able to save the woman’s life, but if you ask him, it was all part of his job to protect and serve the people of Lewisville.” This was a pretty scary situation for this family, but his actions stopped it from being fatal and gave the family some comfort.

“I have no idea how often he bit me. I think about five minutes went by. I thought my life was over. “I fought to stay alive in some way,” she said. “I lost about two-thirds of my arm. He ate all of my bicep.

Officer Potter did not waste any time and started performing life-saving procedures. “If I had passed out in the house, the cops stated he would have devoured me from the inside out,” Tya added. They reported seeing stab wounds and bullet wounds, but added that they had never seen anything like what they witnessed that day.

Tya Lucas Gofundme

They applied a tourniquet to my arm, and the attending physician stated that if he hadn’t been there to do it at that precise moment, I wouldn’t have been able to survive until the ambulance arrived at the scene.

Two years prior, Tana and Harley discovered Hercules burned and abandoned by the side of the road.

Tya, however, claims that Hercules had never previously exhibited hostility and had even slept in her bed the night before the attack.

After being summoned to the scene, animal control officer Amanda Navarro restrained the dog with a tether pole despite his persistent thrashing.

Tya was taken to the hospital and placed on a ventilator for two days after Potter attended to her injuries. She received several stitches on her arm, leg, and foot throughout her 19-day hospital stay, as well as five operations to remove the dead skin.

In her sixth procedure, Tya also had a muscle from her back rolled into the shape of a bicep and joined to her arm.

“My arm flexes a few inches, but it is rigid. Tya stated, “My hand is extremely swollen, my wrist is immobile, 15 inches of nerves were destroyed, and my nerves and tendons were crushed.”

Tya Lucas Gofundme

“It takes a month for every damaged inch to grow back. My wrist is dangling, and I have little use of my hand. I had staples in both my leg and foot. I am constantly in discomfort.”

She has created a GoFundMe to support her $180,000 in medical expenses, which are projected to escalate.

“I require physiotherapy. The savings program costs $100 each week, in addition to medication costs. I have no idea how much the hospital cost will be.”

Tya and Tana turned over Hercules to the police at the scene, and he was subsequently euthanized. They do not know what caused the hostility, but Tya is now scared of dogs.

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