UAE-flagged ship Al Salmy 6 with 30 crew members sinks off Iran coast

Cargo ship Al Salmy 6 SINKS in Persian Gulf off Iran with 30 crew on board as desperate rescue is launched

After the Emirati-flagged ship Al Salmy 6 sank 30 miles off Iran’s coast on Thursday, rescue teams are searching desperately for survivors.

Captain Nizar Qaddoura, an operations manager for the Salem Al Makrani Cargo company—owner of the ship, said rescuers saved 16 crew members.

Eleven others had made it onto a life raft, while one person was saved by a nearby tanker.

Two crew members were still in the ocean.

The Iranian state media reported that the country’s searchers were trying to rescue those at sea.

Port authorities said crews have encountered rough and windy conditions at sea.

Marine tracking data was able to identify the ship as Al Salmy 6.

TSalem Al Makrani Cargo company declined to comment immediately.

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IRNA and Iranian state television released images that match up with the Al Salmy 6.

A representative for the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, which patrols in the Mideast, was not immediately available to comment.

The Persian Gulf is an important waterway used by companies transporting oil and natural gas from the Gulf Arab states.

Winds speeds in Iran’s Bushehr province have reached 40mph.

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