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Update in search for Kaitlin Armstrong who went on run after killing love rival Moriah Wilson

AUTHORITIES have announced a major update in the manhunt of fugitive yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong, who went on the run for allegedly killing her love rival.

AUTHORITIES have announced a major update in the manhunt of fugitive yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong, who went on the run for allegedly killing her love rival.

On Thursday, United States Marshals reported that they had located Armstrong’s black Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Two days after Anna Moriah Wilson’s body was found, the suspect is said to have sold the vehicle to a CarMax store in south Austin for the price of $12,200, according to the investigators.

After being questioned by Austin police, Armstrong, 34, was given a check from the business, officials say.

On May 14, the man, 34 flew out of Austin International Airport.

On May 18, a day after Austin police issued a homicide warrant for her arrest, she was last spotted at the Newark Liberty International Airport. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

However, according to the United States Marshals Service, there were no reservations made for aircraft departing the country that were made in her name.

After committing what is believed to be the murder of Moriah, 25, Armstrong is thought to have proceeded to New York City.

On Twitter, the United States Marshals Service posted an image of her along with a message offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to her capture.

Following the discovery of Moriah’s body on May 11 in Austin, Texas, while she was competing in a cycling competition, officials have issued an arrest warrant for Armstrong.

According to reports, after finding that Armstrong’s girlfriend, Colin Strickland, 35, had met up with another cyclist Moriah, the yoga instructor shot her many times out of jealous wrath.

After Strickland’s engagement with Armstrong ended last year, the two had a brief liaison.

After the conclusion of their romantic involvement with one another, they continued their friendship and continued to see one another.

According to the statements made by the police, Strickland informed Armstrong he was going to give flowers but that the battery on his phone had died, so he would not be able to get in touch with her.

However, he was actually swimming at the Deep Eddy pool with Moriah, which the authorities say served as the impetus for Armstrong’s decision to seek violent retribution.

It is believed that she found Moriah’s public account on the Strava fitness app and then used that information to figure out where the two were hiding out.

When Moriah’s companion got home just a few minutes after the SUV was captured on a Ring camera, she found her lying in a pool of blood and had been shot to death.

The yoga instructor Armstrong is then said to have returned to Strickland after allegedly murdering the 25-year-old, at which point he was detained by law enforcement before he vanished.

Strickland stated that Armstrong “had facets to her personality that I don’t think she shared with anybody,” in an interview with FOX3.

According to what Strickland shared with the FOX3, “I would say that she is one of the least volatile persons I have ever met.”

“I was completely unaware of anything even even similar to it.”

“It was quite evident that we were going to go our separate ways; nonetheless, we simply did not get sufficient inertia to part.”

However, he maintains with utmost adamance that his connection with Wilson was purely platonic after he got back together with Armstrong and after they had a child together.

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