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Lockdown at Upper Dublin High School lifted

This is developing….



Statement issued from the School:

We have returned to normal operations in the high school. Due to an abundance of caution, the building was placed in lockdown while we cooperated with Upper Dublin police in an investigation. After following a very thorough procedure, it was determined that there was no threat to the students and staff, and we were able to dismiss students to their homerooms.

You should be proud of the conduct of everyone involved during this lockdown.

The entire student body responded appropriately and allowed for the investigation to proceed and conclude.

You may hear rumors over the next couple of days, but everything was handled professionally and we are all moving forward.

Please know how much we appreciate the collective character displayed this morning.

The high school is currently in lockdown.

All staff and students are safe, and with abundant caution, they are remaining in their first period classes.

We will provide additional information shortly and expect a quick return to normal activity.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.

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