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US Marine Bryant Tejada Castillo stabs pregnant ex-wife Dana Alotaibi to death on highway in Hawaii

Police in the state report that Dana Alotaibi, 27, was stabbed many times on the H-3 highway following an alleged altercation with her ex-husband, Bryant Tejada Castillo.



Police in the state report that Dana Alotaibi, 27, was stabbed many times on the H-3 highway following an alleged altercation with her ex-husband, Bryant Tejada Castillo.

After being confronted by other drivers, Tejada Castillo allegedly retreated into the surrounding woods, where he allegedly stabbed himself before being stopped by authorities.

He needed medical attention for his wounds, so he was sent to the hospital. Alotaibi, who was three months pregnant at the time, was also rushed to the hospital, where it was determined that she had passed away.

At a press conference, Honolulu Police Lieutenant Deena Thoemmes said that drivers on the highway saw a man standing over a woman and stabbing her several times.

“It was found that the victim and the man were married, and that they had been having trouble with their relationship recently,” she said.

The Lieutenant said, “They were fighting before he stabbed her several times, which killed her.”


After seeing what he thought was merely a scuffle, one motorist, who did not wish to provide his name, told the local media that he pulled over to offer assistance.

He explained to FOX3: “When I got there, I was so terrified and shocked that I pretty much froze.”

Could you image being stabbed in the neck and then watching as your life physically pours out of you while everyone around you is either helpless or too shocked to act?

The witness said that he then attempted to assist Alotaibi as Tejada Castillo was being restrained by others before fleeing.


Thoemmes claimed that the suspect had the knife in his hand as he fled into the woods.

According to the police, they found him hidden in the bushes and learned that he had stabbed himself before they found him.

The police then took him to the hospital while he was still in their care.

A source said that Tejada-condition Castillo’s is very bad.

Natalia Cespedes, Alotaibi’s mother, said that the two had been married for almost three years.


According to court documents that FOX3 was able to get, Tejada-Castillo was the one who filed for divorce last November; nonetheless, it was uncontested and approved in June.

Alotaibi and Tejada-history Castillo’s of suspected domestic abuse will be investigated by the police, as will their posts about their relationship on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Alotaibi’s mother stated that she had always intended for her daughter to join her in Virginia, which is where she currently resides.

She said, “There’s nothing in my life.”


The police said that they are talking to witnesses and will process the car found at the scene once they get a search warrant.

The Marine Corps promised the police that they would work with them.

According to a statement released by the organization, “The Marine Corps is aware of a sad occurrence that occurred which purportedly included a United States Marine now assigned to the 3rd Littoral Combat Team.”

As further information regarding this event becomes available, the Marine Corps Base Hawaii and the 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment will continue to provide their full cooperation to the appropriate law enforcement officials.


The United States Marine Corps wishes to express its most heartfelt condolences to the victims’ loved ones and friends.

Tejada-Castillo is being held on a $1 million bail after being charged with second-degree murder.


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