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Uvalde shooter Salvador Ramos’ mother Adriana Martinez apologizes to victim’s mother

Adriana Martinez yelled at the family members of a shooting victim in Uvalde, telling them “you have no right to criticize my son.”



After a yelling confrontation in the street in which she yelled, “you have no right to criticize my son,” the mother of the Uvalde gunman Salvador Ramos apologized to the mother of the victim and admitted that her son was a coward.

After being confronted on the street by family members of one of the victims, the mother of Uvalde school shooter Salvador Ramos cried and called her son a “coward.”

Adriana Martinez was accosted by family members of one of the 19 children killed at Robb Elementary School on May 24 as she crossed the street in Uvalde, according to Telemundo.

According to Telemundo’s video, the altercation began when Martinez, who was nearby crossing the street, was confronted by a black SUV carrying members of Garza’s family.

Some passengers rolled down their windows while others exited the vehicle to yell at Martinez about her 18-year-old son, who perpetrated the horrible deed that resulted in the deaths of 21 people, including two instructors.


“For what reason did he act that way? Because you were the source of his anger, why? Why did you destroy him?’ one of the other members of the family yelled.

Another relative yelled, “What justification did he have to kill 21 [people]?” in response to the murderous behavior of the suspect.

Martinez said, “I had no idea.”

She continued by saying, “I know my son was a coward,” later on. Do you seriously believe that I am unaware of that? I know. Do you really believe that I’m going to bring all of it with me? You must not believe that I am unaware of something. I know. Also, I apologize.’


According to Telemundo, Garza’s family was on their way home from a gathering with other families of the 19 students when the tragedy occurred. It is not entirely clear whether Martinez was there for the meeting or not.

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