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Video: 23-year-old Jordan Rivera lost his arm in alligator attack in Port Charlotte

The Good Samaritan, local resident Manny Hidalgo, told the outlet … “He was yelling and swimming toward the shoreline.



On May 21, in Port Charlotte, a man had his arm bitten off by an alligator during an attack.

The victim, Jordan Rivera, 23, was not aware of his missing arm until he regained consciousness at the hospital. The incident occurred when Rivera fell into a pond behind Banditos Bar on S. McCall Road during closing time. The alligator attacked him, resulting in the loss of his right arm.

Rivera shared his perspective on the alligator incident from his hospital bed in the ICU at Gulf Coast Medical Center, stating, “I didn’t truly understand those gators until I woke up in the hospital and realized that the gator got my arm.”

Reflecting on the ordeal, he added, “Thirty-six hours after the attack, I’ve come to accept that I lost an arm, but it’s not the end of the world, you know.”


Additional medical procedures are still required to remove the remaining bacteria from Rivera’s arm. Following the treatment, it may take approximately five or six days before he can begin rehabilitation.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) dispatched state nuisance gator trappers to locate and capture the alligator responsible for the attack. A representative from the FWC confirmed that the 10′ 5″ gator was euthanized, a standard protocol for alligators involved in human attacks.


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