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Kitesurfer killed as ‘tornado’ smashes him into seafront restaurant window

Kitesurfer killed as ‘tornado’ smashes him into seafront restaurant window

Kitesurfer is killed and eight are injured after sudden ‘mini TORNADO’

The surfer, who was 31 years old and from France, passed away instantaneously after being thrown against a window by a violent gust of wind that occurred in Villers-sur-Mer.

After the storm pounded the Normandy shore on Saturday, there have been five more persons injured and transported to the hospital as a result of the storm’s impact.

Three additional people were hurt as a result of the sudden gust of wind that the local media referred to as a “mini tornado.”

Someone who had been reported missing while out at sea was located and is safe.

According to Francebleu, meteorologists were not able to accurately forecast the unusual weather phenomenon since they did not anticipate the winds to be so powerful.

The mayor of the city, Thierry Granturco, referred to the incident as “violence on a scale that our coast has never seen before.”

On the Côte Fleurie, between Ouistreham and Deauville, reports indicate that the gusty winds lasted for approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

According to Granturco, who spoke to franceinfo about the event, “It blew more and more forcefully until it concluded with a little tornado.”

Later, the mayor posted the following in a post that was made on Facebook: “My sympathies are firstly with the family of the deceased, who are saddened. We escorted and accommodated them in emergency as they were psychologically unable to return home.”

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