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Viral Video of Zendaya Being Beaten

Viral Video of Zendaya Being Beaten

According to the visual evidence we’ve seen, it’s highly unlikely that Zendaya is the victim of a viral video of a young woman being beaten up.

This 6-second video has been making the rounds this weekend, and it depicts a man wailing on a young girl in an apparent store. Finally, they kick the woman so hard that her head hits a wall, sending the woman flying backwards.

In fact, it’s very cruel, and as far as we can tell, there’s no background information that tells us where or when it happened, who was involved, or why.

People think they see someone who looks like Zendaya, at least based on what they can see of this girl’s face in the video. Yes, we’ll admit that it does remind us a little bit of the actress, especially from her scenes in “Euphoria.”

Again, we don’t know when this was taken or even if it’s Zendaya, but just so you know, Z isn’t rocking this length of hair right now. Recent photos of her out and about in Massachusetts show that she has a much shorter ‘do now.

Her shoes are also different from what’s in this video. She wears Crocs with rainbow colours. Zendaya is wearing sneakers here, and she’s said in public that she’ll either wear sneakers or heels, but not much in between. We couldn’t find any pictures of Zendaya wearing Crocs.

The bottom line is that there is no clear proof that this is Zendaya, but Twitter is making her trend right now because people think it might be her. Zendaya or not, though, people who make fun of this are sending the wrong message, according to other people.

There is a worrying pattern in which assaults against women of color are videotaped and then circulated widely, and this is only the most recent example.

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