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Vladimir Putin could be assassinated ‘with a f**king hammer to the head’, says Daniel Hoffman ex CIA chief

‘All of a sudden – he’ll be dead’: Ex CIA chief Daniel Hoffman claims Putin could be assassinated ‘with a f**king hammer to the head’ in a secret plot by his own inner circle



‘All of a sudden – he’ll be dead’: Ex CIA chief Daniel Hoffman claims Putin could be assassinated ‘with a f**king hammer to the head’ in a secret plot by his own inner circle

A former head of the CIA has speculated that Vladimir Putin’s inner circle may be hatching a scheme to kill him in a covert operation that would involve using a “f***ing hammer to the head.”

An ex-senior officer named Daniel Hoffman, who formerly held the position of Moscow station chief, has speculated that the Russian leader’s friends may attempt to overthrow him as a result of the failed invasion of Ukraine.

The intelligence officer is under the impression that any attempt to oust the strongman will be carried out with lightning speed and could result in fatalities.

He said the following in an interview with FOX3: “These individuals who are going to do it are going to be so secret about it, so that Putin doesn’t discover them and murder them first.” It will take place without any prior warning. And he won’t be around anymore.

‘ Nobody is going to approach Vladimir and offer, “Hey, how about it, would you like to get out of here?” No. He received a f***ing hammer to the head, and as a result, he has passed away.

“Either that, or it’s time to check yourself into the sanatorium. They beat him up for it as punishment. That is the action that they will take.

Hoffman has a theory that the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the Head of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, and the Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov are the three important figures who could be behind a scheme.

He believes that any one of those three is likely to have leadership ambitions after Putin and that they would maintain a vigilant eye over any potential insurrection.

The reference to a hammer to the head calls to mind the murder of Soviet revolutionary Leon Trotsky, who was put to death on the orders of Joseph Stalin by having an ice pick driven through the back of his skull.

In the meantime, a different spy official has asserted that an attempt at assassination may not be required because Putin ‘doesn’t have a long life ahead of him’ due to his poor health.

According to Major General Kyrylo Budanov, Ukrainian operatives who had penetrated the Kremlin were the ones who made the allegations based on ‘human intelligence.’

According to a story in USA Today, Mr. Budanov stated that “Putin does not have a long life ahead of him.”

Since the beginning of the year, Vladimir Putin’s health has been the subject of considerable suspicion, which has only increased since he was photographed grasping a table during a meeting with Sergei Shoigu, the minister of defense of Russia.

Moreover, the president, who is 69 years old, looked to have trouble keeping his balance at a speech he gave in Moscow earlier this month.

The president was at the Kremlin for an awards ceremony when he looked like he wasn’t sure of himself.

As Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov won an award, Vladimir Putin swayed back and forth nervously before beginning his remarks.

It happened just a few days after a Kremlin insider said that Putin’s doctors had told him not to make any “lengthy” public appearances after he got sick while talking with his military chiefs.

According to a report by the Telegram channel General SVR, when the Russian President stood up from his desk after a recent video conference with advisers and military chiefs, he experienced “a acute illness, weakness, and dizziness.”

In April, rumors began to circulate that the leader of the Kremlin required emergency cancer surgery.

According to people who call themselves “Kremlin insiders,” Putin is also said to have Parkinson’s disease and to have “schizophrenic symptoms.”

Michael Clarke, a fellow at King’s College London, was interviewed by Sky News earlier this month and said the following: “On October 7 he will be 70.” Since it is common knowledge that he uses a great deal of Botox, I usually joke that he is attempting to embalm himself while he is still alive because he does use a great deal of Botox.

He moves around with a small group of doctors who are always nearby, and it’s said that he leaves meetings often to go talk to someone.

An FSB official also described the condition of the Russian president as a “severe kind of quickly growing cancer,” as rumors began to circulate that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, was suffering from some kind of terrible illness in the midst of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

General SVR wrote last week, “A surgical operation was done on Russian President Vladimir Putin on the night of Monday, May 16 to Tuesday, May 17.

The doctors who were taking care of Putin insisted that he should have surgery as soon as possible.

“The procedure was successful, at least according to the doctors who participated in the treatment of the President,”

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