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Wanted Austin Jacob Reefer arrested – SWAT situation in Ambridge

Wanted subject Austin Jacob Reefer arrested after SWAT situation in Ambridge. Person was wanted by beaver county sheriff’s office



A guy is facing many charges after he allegedly assaulted a lady in Ambridge and then masturbated in front of her, as stated in a report from the Ambridge police department.

As per the old case:

Austin Jacob Reefer, whose last known residence was 1817 Beaver Road in Ambridge, was charged with indecent assault, indecent exposure, and harassment following an incident that occurred at 1601 Duss Avenue, Front Apartment, on May 14 at midnight, according to police.

The report doesn’t say who the victim was, but she was in bed when Reefer came in and asked to use her cell phone. Police say that they talked for a short time.

Police said that Reefer started asking the woman for sex, but she said no because she was married.

The report says that Reefer then took off his shirt and tried to rub his penis on her cheeks and mouth. She pushed him away and stopped him.

Police say that when Reefer was turned down, he masturbated into a trash can as the victim yelled and ran away.


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