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Woman ‘raped, starved, and beaten for five days by ex Charles Tanner before escaping naked’

A WOMAN was allegedly raped, starved and beaten for five days by her ex Charles Tanner before escaping naked in the middle of the night.



A WOMAN was allegedly raped, starved and beaten for five days by her ex Charles Tanner before escaping naked in the middle of the night.

Charles Tanner, 51, was taken into custody by Florida law enforcement on Wednesday after his claimed victim, who has only been recognized by her initials, A.H., was able to evade his grasp after enduring days of relentless sexual assaults at the hands of Tanner.

The victim disclosed to the detectives that she has known Tanner for the past five years and that she dated him for a period of time that lasted for a month before they broke up.

According to the documents submitted to the court, she stated that on June 3 she went to Tanner’s house after he offered to give her any narcotics she desired.

After a couple of hours of “enjoying her high,” the woman said, Tanner demanded that she have sex with him as payment.

An affidavit says that Tanner got angry when he found out that she was seeing another man who was black. This made things worse.

After then, according to the investigators, Tanner allegedly kicked the woman in the head and held her captive for the subsequent few days.

According to the court documents, law enforcement asserts that the suspect would consume drugs before “forcing himself” against the victim.

According to the allegations made by the detectives, Tanner would use the woman’s phone to snap images of her while she was unconscious and then would email those pictures to her friends.

According to the court documents, the woman was sexually assaulted at least ten times while she was in captivity. These assaults included raping her with sex toys, a cucumber, and a corn cob.

Tanner is also accused of beating the woman with an electrical cable, denying her food and water, holding a knife to her cheek, and threatening to slash her face and murder her. He is also said to have held the knife over her mouth while he made these threats.

Tanner is accused of sleeping on top of the lady or blocking the door to the bedroom with a recliner in order to prevent the woman from escaping throughout the night.

After being held captive for five days, during which time she sustained two fractured ribs, the woman was finally able to escape from underneath Tanner when he was sleeping.

On the evening of June 8, the woman ran naked to the house of a neighbor, where she arrived covered in cuts and bruises.

Tanner was taken into custody on Wednesday and charged with sexual battery, aggravated battery, felony battery, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, and sexual cyberharassment. The felony battery accusation is the most serious of the charges.

In anticipation of his arraignment on July 26, he is being detained in the county jail without the possibility of bond in the meanwhile.


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