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Woman held at knifepoint by ‘rapist’ Kemoy Royal, saved after restaurant staff spot crucial clue in her Grubhub order

Woman held at knifepoint by ‘rapist’ Kemoy Royal, saved after restaurant staff spot crucial clue in her Grubhub order



24-year-old woman held hostage in NYC uses Grubhub food delivery order to alert police

A young woman who had been raped and was being held hostage at a home in New York City is now safe because to her resourcefulness in using a food delivery service to place an order. Along with the order, she sent a scary note to the recipient, asking with them to call the police.

The order placed on Grubhub for a breakfast sandwich and a burger at five in the morning on a Sunday was nothing out of the ordinary for the staff at the Chipper Truck Cafe in Yonkers, which is located nearby.

The following comment was left in the “extra instructions” area of the order: “please call the police, his going to call me when you delivered arrive with the cones please don’t make it obvious.” This was very unusual.

Alice Bermejo, who works at Chipper Truck Cafe, commented that the note appeared to have been written in a hurry and asked the police to arrive with food in order to conceal the fact that they were on a rescue mission.

“She said to bring the cops,” she said.

Bermejo claimed a worker called after seeing the request on the screen.

“After reading the note that was attached to the order, they contacted my husband and said, “What should we do?” He said something to the effect of “Call the cops, can’t take any chances.” It is better to err on the side of caution rather than regret,’ “

The request originated from a location in the Bronx, where authorities said a man in his 30s was reportedly sexually assaulting a woman in her 20s against her will and keeping her against her will.

After having initially connected with the man online, the victim reportedly saw him in person for the first time, and the meeting escalated into a violent altercation. The individual, who has been identified as Kemoy Royal, allegedly did not permit the woman to use her phone for any purpose other than placing food orders.

At that particular hour, her best chance of success was to send a message to a restaurant that was located three and a half miles away. The Bermejo family expresses their gratitude to the member of staff who contacted the authorities.

Alicia Bermejo, Alice Bermejo’s daughter, expressed her gratitude by saying “[We’re grateful] knowing that we were there and that being open 24 hours helped her to have a chance to obtain treatment.”

According to the records filed in the case, Royal admitted that he unlocked a door because he thought the woman’s supper had arrived. However, it was the police that did it.

He was slammed with a plethora of offenses involving, among other things, rape, wrongful confinement, strangling, a criminal sex act, and sexual abuse.

Additional charges have been brought against Royal in connection with the attempted sexual assault of another young woman several days earlier.

Because of that Grubhub order, Royal was apprehended; nevertheless, the Bermejos were unaware of this development until they received a phone call from the victim’s friend.

They contacted us to express their gratitude and to say, “Thank you very much for assisting my friend and making sure that she was fine.” Alicia Bermejo said. After everything had already taken place, it was only then that we had any understanding of the seriousness of the situation.

They commend the victim for the calm manner in which she handled a potentially dangerous scenario.

“I can’t even imagine. I hope eventually we get to meet her, “Alice Bermejo stated.

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